Black Plant Life Could Be On Other Planets

Alien Vegetation Could be Black
New astrobiology research suggests that plants on other planets could have evolved to be predominantly black in color instead of green.
PhD. student Jack O’Malley-James is presenting his research about vegetation on planets orbiting red dwarf stars to the National Astronomy Meeting.
His research focused on the possibility of vegetation on other planets and what such plants would look like. O’Malley-James used common star systems and planetary configurations for his research models.
O’Malley-James believes that flora on other planets would have to adapt to the light conditions available in order to conduct photosynthesis. The color of the plants would vary depending upon the starlight received.
A red dwarf star could possibly produce black or grey plants. Other possibilities include colors from across the visible light spectrum.
O’Malley-James’ research has been supervised by St. Andrews’ Dr. Jane Greaves, Open University’s Professor Charles Cockell, and the University of Dundee’s Professor John Raven.

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