Alien Encounter Video Claims to be Genuine Zeta Reticuli

A new video has been released that we feel is very interesting and deserving of further investigation. The video claims to be genuine footage of an alien species from called the Zeta Reticuli.

The Zeta Reticuli are the commonly discussed ‘Grey Alien’ species with the large almond shaped eyes, large head and skinny bodies.

The footage was uploaded onto video sharing website YouTube with the following introductory statements:

Filtrate for declassification and dissemination through the internet and media.
7 video tapes with material recorded between 1942 and 1969
Material containing UFO incidents, recovery and study of extraterrestrial life forms.

Due to the importance of these documents, maintain the anonymity of the sources.
The video contains a sample edited fragments of video tape 05.
Tape duration 180 mins, Total recorded duration 1.260min
Tape 05 edited fragments:
Case 25/skinny bob 00:08:42 – 00:08:50
Case 25/skinny bob 00:27:36 – 00:27:45
Case 26/How to drive 00:55:07 – 00:55:12


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