Bats On A Plane: Flying Creature Causes Chaos on Flight

A flying, furry creature took over an Atlanta-bound flight and forced the pilot to turn around. Watch the video and decide whether you think it was a bat, a bird, or another UFO. There's nothing like a pleasant flight disturbed by an unexpected passenger that didn't pay their share of the trip. For travelers on Delta flight 5121 this was just the case. An iReporter on CNN posted a video with a caption that read: 'This is a video I took while on Delta 5121 this morning from Madison, WI to Atlanta. We ended up having to turn around and head back to Madison after the bat was trapped in the bathroom.' The iReporter explained that he was awoken by a 'small scream' and then saw what he believes was a bat flying up and down the aisle. A mix of laughter and screams can be heard in the video as they dodge the winged intruder. Ultimately, the bat flies into a bathroom and a traveler closes the door. A Delta spokesperson confirmed that a 'flying creature' did interrupt Flight 5121, but they could not confirm whether it was a bird or bat. The plane returned to the the Madison, WI airport where it was searched and then continued on to its original destination. Would you freak out if you saw a bat on your flight?

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