The Northern Lights ''Aurora" Were Visible in the Lower 48 Last Night

As many of you know, the Sun has been extremely active recently. When this occurs, the Sun interacts with the Earth more. Probably the most obvious of these interactions are the northern and southern lights and this is exactly what we had last night.
Here is some great news if you missed them last night....there will be more oppurtunities to see them. The Sun is approaching its' most active part of the solar cycle, so for the next year or so we will see more sunspots, more coronal mass ejections, more solar flares and more chances to see nature's stunning light show. According to Daniel Vogler, "Don't worry if its cloudy this go around. The cycle is now...just getting interesting. (We) will have more opportunities to see them again." This guy knows his stuff, trust him. Invest in a decent camera with high exposure and get ready to get and then share some photos please!
I did not want to violate any copyright laws, so I did not show any pictures of last night's events. On the AccuWeather Astronomy facebook page, I received reports and people shared pictures of them being visible in Nebrska, Southern Ontario, New England. Please go here to take a look at some of the images and please like us while you are there. You can leave your comments there, as well, and be part of a community where discussions on this or any other astronomy subject take place. We are now over 1,700 likes on Facebook and recently the growth has been rapid. With your help we will get to 2,000 soon. Tell your friends about this site and blog and weigh in on some exciting issues. We encourage open discussion and will never criticize any idea, and no negative conversation will be allowed.

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