William Cooper:UFOs linked to Nazis, and not Extraterrestrials said witness

The late-William Cooper had alleged that the technology associated with UFOs are real, but the evidence of their association with Extraterrestrials are dubious.  He further alleged that the West inhereted Nazi UFO technology, which he further claims, will be used to human orchestrated war that will be blamed on aliens.  The goal of this alleged orchestration is to unite humanity under a totalitarian global empire that had been originally envisioned by Adolf Hitler.

William (Bill) Cooper was a former naval officer, decorated veteran, short wave radio broadcaster and world renound lecturer and author.  He had been shot and killed November 5th 2001.

Bill Cooper elaborated: "It is becoming apparent to me that UFO's (not including the very much identified Nazi flying saucers) are going to be used for a great deception, so massive it will deceive the whole world spiritually."

"Do not give in to this trickery no matter how elaborate; instead, prepare yourself with the knowledge to ruin the magic show for everyone who might otherwise be applauding and selling their souls for a ticket... literally."


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