Did NASA Lie About Triangle UFO?

The appearance of a triangular object on a telescope has many UFO hunters speculating that they have captured an image of a giant alien spacecraft.

The object, which moves across the viewing field of NASA’s stereo B spacecraft (one of the two telescopes responsible for providing a panoramic view of the solar system) first appeared on December 27. The scale of the image would suggest that the object in question is of planetary size— one bad mother of a spaceship...

While NASA does not often deign to address such claims, in this case, however, they did offer an explanation. They claim that the object is a reflection from within the satellite’s lens of the planet Venus, which enters into the field of vision concurrently with the object many claim to be a UFO. The optics explanation passes a sniff test, especially considering the previous incidents in which tricks of light resulted in similar phenomena. Nevertheless, the very fact that NASA is bothering to refute these claims has given some pause.

Whatever the case may be (and this blogger finds this theory to be effectively debunked), it has become painfully clear that we are woefully unprepared for when an object of this size actually does appear in our solar system.

I call upon NASA to get to its real purpose: the development, in conjunction with Northrop Grummond and the RAND corporation, of much-needed space cannons before it’s too late. source: trutv.com

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