Do Solar Storms Affect The Paranormal

A majority of ghost hunting communities believe that in times of increased solar activity, paranormal activity is “stirred up”. Why?  It is common knowledge among paranormal investigators that spirits feed off energy generated by electrical sources such as electrical appliances and batteries. It is thought that ghosts often produce or disturb electro magnetic energy and need to fuel themselves with it in order to manifest.

  It seems that heightened paranormal activity can increase during a geomagnetic storm or solar flare (X, M or Mega class). The theory behind this is that the Sun’s storms or flares send charged radioactive particles into the Earth’s atmosphere, thus creating a shift and alteration of the geomagnetic fields. The extra energy released into the atmosphere is saturated with charged ions possibly giving ghosts the catalyst needed to manifest and interact with the living.

  Similarly, electrical storms on Earth can fuel paranormal activity as negatively charged ions are released into the environment. On the latest episode of Ghost Hunters (TAPS), one of the newest ghost hunting tools was introduced by the inventor. It was similar in size and shape to a phone booth. Basically, the interior of the enclosed booth is bombarded with electromagnetic pulses to lure and to assist the spirit into manifesting.

While no spirit activity was captured in the booth during this particular investigation, it still seems plausible that it could work. If you’re a paranormal investigator, it may prove useful for you to check out the prevailing geomagnetic influences or even the current phase of the moon, which is also thought to affect paranormal activity. You can find this and other cosmic conditions on the website.

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