The Hard Truth: Nibiru Planet X and The Cult of 2012

First, let me acknowledge that I could be absolutely wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.
In December of this year, the world as we know it COULD end. It is entirely possible that Planet X, Nibiru, a solar flare, a dimensional shift, an armada of friendly aliens, an armada of hostile aliens or the return of the Christ could drastically change or eliminate life on earth.

For a year now, I’ve been telling people not to expect any great thing to happen in 2012 that we don’t cause to happen through our own informed, persistent effort. We may never know why the Mayan calendar ends on that date, there could be any number of reasons, but the end of the world is unlikely.
However if I am wrong and the world does end this December, I will give every single person reading this $10…What, you don’t trust my checks?
2012 has become its own religion. People who don’t practice Mayan spirituality are adjusting their own belief systems to identify this date as the End and are getting ready to beam up, phase out, disappear or transcend. (Honestly, I can’t blame them. This is kind of a rough period in my own life and I could use some escapism my danged self. Hey folks, save a seat for me!)

A growing group of people are buying into messages from the Galactic Federation of Light/Planets. There is a website that delivers daily messages from an organized group of advanced space alien cultures whose mission is to usher us into a higher dimension. They have even given timetables for their arrival and interaction with the governments of earth.

The first red flag is that the UFO folks only talk to or through white people. Personally, I have no intention of getting down with an extraterrestrial KKK anymore than I’m down with the one we already have. If that represents the new order they are bringing, then I can only respond with two words: Knuckle up! (Actually there IS a third word, but I assure you it would not get printed in a fine, family-oriented publication such as this.)
“Hey Kojo, if these are super-advanced aliens how you gonna beat ‘em?” I don’t know yet, but that would not stop me from fighting for justice. Allow me to share with you the extent of my position as a Black man who loves his people: If I thought the Creator of the Universe was in favor of Black oppression and suffering, I would stand against that Being and accept the consequences. I oppose the character and intentions of anyone or anything whose agenda is contrary to our absolute liberation and uplift. I don’t believe that will be necessary because that disposition contradicts what has been communicated through most holy texts and teachers.

A second warning related to the 2012/UFO folks concerns their theology…yes they promote a philosophy that says everything that happens is good. Even brutal, oppressive acts happen to help you become better. Therefore you don’t have to work or fight for justice or anything else. All you need to do is attune yourself and wait for change to come. If that sounds a lot like the pacifistic, escapist version of Christianity it’s because that’s exactly what it is, using different terminology.

A third thing that really bothers me about the 2012 religion is the same thing that bothers me about other religions. In theater and entertainment they call it the “suspension of disbelief,” meaning that you accept something that could not possibly be true just to enjoy or buy the rest of the story.

For example, last summer the space aliens “channeled a message” that they would reveal their presence to the governments and the people of earth in a major, overt, undeniable way on October 28 of last year. What’s that? You didn’t notice it or catch it on the news? The reason that you did not “catch” it is that nothing happened on that date. Do you think that stopped the Galactic Fed followers? Hell-to-the-naw!
A day or two after the big day passed a message came forth blaming the “delay” of the event on the people of earth for not being ready. Did the GF believers swallow it? Was Malcolm X a Black man? And what will they do if nothing happens in 2012? Set another date and keep going! Admitting that you were wrong or conned is almost never an option.

Of course the GF folks are amateurs at the prophecy con. The real pros operate in a church near you. How can beginners like the GFers match wits with an institution like the Church which has been successfully slinging false prophecy for nearly 2,000 years? The first false prophetic expectation of the very first Christians, including the disciples/apostles, was that Jesus would absolutely return in their lifetimes. They literally bet their lives on this…and lost.

Most charismatic/Pentecostal churches have someone pushing false prophecies at least twice per week. Sometimes it’s promises that get you excited enough to give, other times it’s condemnation that makes you give out of guilt. Whenever a promise fails to materialize, (and most do), the designated recipient is blamed for either not having enough faith or for some secret sin. Works like a charm.

There are very intelligent, rational people who are buying into the 2012 phenomenon without question. The religious/emotional hook is so strong that you can’t even get them to study the history of prophecy, which is readily available from numerous sources in a variety of forms.

Whatever happens in this year, realize that you have the Godlike power to determine what your life will be like. There are empires and institutions that rely on people being ignorant of this fact. Consequently, we also have the responsibility for shaping this reality into what we know it should be.
When will this happen? Whenever we decide!

…and that’s the Hard Truth!
This article was originally published in the January 9, 2012 print edition of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper

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