Retired Chilean General Ricardo Bermúdez to speak at UFO conference in USA

TEMPE, ARIZONA, USA- It has been announced that Retired Chilean Air Force General (Ret.) Ricardo Bermúdez will speak at the annual conference of the International UFO Congress. The aim of the organization is the “dissemination of information related to many areas in ufology”. Ufology being the study of Unidentified Flying Objects.
Retired General Ricardo Bermúdez became head of CEFFA, Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena in 1997. He also offered a course at Universidad de Santiago offering skills in scientific research and critical thinking in regards to unidentified objects in the sky.
Maureen Elsberry, one of the conference organizers said they are very excited to have General Bermúdez at the event. “This is the first time in the U.S. that such a high-ranking government official has spoken to the public about an official government sponsored UFO project. It shows how serious other countries take the subject of UFOs. It’s something they feel is worthy of official investigation.”
There have been many claims of UFO sightings or unexplained noises throughout Chile, with a high concentration in the north of the country. A famous case was recorded in 1971 with witnesses including three police officers, a truck driver, a fishing boat and a journalist between Antogagasta, Tocopilla and Iquique.
An even older claim is that of a sighting in Copiapó in 1864. Many of the claims of unexplained sightings occur before, during or after significant natural events. Both the February 2010 earthquake and Pueyhue volcanic eruption were followed by claims of UFO sightings and other mysteries.
Two weeks before the Earthquake which rocked Chile in 2010, there were reports of mysterious sounds, “like thunder, but much louder and with no lightning or other signs of storms”. After the quake, passengers on a bus traveling to Iquique were reported in the La Segunda newspaper saying they had seen “a humanoid of over three meters tall”.
The CEFFA investigates sightings of UFOs, mainly seen by commercial and military pilots “but only if there is an indication that the safety of the aircraft might have been at risk.” General Bermúdez said”the CEFAA’s official position has always been to recognize that something is happening in our skies, but we, as yet, do not know what it is.”
The conference will take place on February 25th in Fountain Hills, Arizona in the USA. UFOs are also referred to in Chile as OVNIs. While not a UFO, the remnants of the failed Russian probe Phobus Grunt fell into the ocean of the coast of Chile earlier this week.

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