Shark attacks man off Australian coast

CORAL BAY, Australia, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- A tour guide in western Australia was attacked and bitten by a tiger shark while snorkeling in Coral Bay, a popular resort area, authorities said.
After warning two children to get out of the water Thursday, Dave Pickering, 26, was bitten on the arm by a 3-meter-long (10 foot) shark,The Western Australian newspaper reported.
Pickering was taken to the Coral Bay nursing post and then airlifted to a hospital 700 miles away and reported in stable condition, a representative of the Royal Flying Doctor Service said.
Pickering was with a group of four tourists in an offshore area known as "The Lagoon" when the shark struck. He said he punched it, trying to fend it off. His arm was bleeding severely while he was helped to shore, witnesses said.
"The worst thing was that I couldn't see if he was coming back for seconds," Pickering joked while in the hospital. "It was scary."
Despite his injuries, he intends to return to the water soon, Sky News reported Friday.
"I'm pretty stoked it happened to me and not to the kids," Pickering said.
The shark attack was the third in Australia this month. Three per year is typical, Sky News said.


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