Picture:This is the most beautiful the Earth has ever looked

Back in November, we showed you the first pictures from NASA's new weather satellite, Suomi NPP. Its gigantic camera had a big day on January 4th, and captured a series of images that NASA has stitched into the biggest, most detailed, and most beautiful picture of our planet ever created.

The very first of these "Blue Marble" pictures was captured by the crew of Apollo 17 on their way back from the moon, and since then, NASA has been updating its imagery to reflect better instrumentation on satellites as well as the yearly evolution of our ecosphere. For the ambitious among you, we've embedded a quarter-size version of this image below. The full-size is a whopping 8,000 pixels across, which is (almost) high enough to see your house. Click here to tackle that bad boy, and be prepared to order a few more monitors if you want to display it in its entirety.

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