Video:Chinese boy Yongsui with blue eyes has night vision like a cat.Star Child or Alien Hybrid?

Call it suspicious, but this Chinese boy is being paraded around the Internet as the next-step in human evolution. With strange blue eyes that "glow green" when light hits them and the so-called ability to see in the dark, is this Chinese boy the real-life version of Richard B. Riddick?

According to the Alien Disclosure Group and this YouTube video (see below), Nong Yousui's eyes are just like those of a cat's. When Yousui was two-months-old, Nong Shihua, Yousui's father was told by doctors not to worry about his son's blue eyes and that his eyes would be fine.

As Yongsui grew up, it became clear the kid's eyes weren't normal. They were supernormal. Here's where things turn strange.

The video "report" claims that Yousui has to squint when he plays outside and his vision gets blurry. As a result of his special eyes, he's able to catch crickets at night without needing a flashlight.

Bi Donglei, from the Heng County Television Station in Guangxi also claims that Yousui was able to answer a bunch of questions she handed him in the dark.

How could this be? Honestly, we're not sure ourselves. With no explanations by any renowned orthoptists, we can't even confirm that this is legit. If it is the real deal, then are there real X-Men-like mutants among us? Also, where is the kid's mom? Wouldn't she be a good person to interview?

So many questions...


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