China Unveils Best Moon Map Yet from Lunar Orbiter's space agency released an amazingly detailed map of the moon this week, marking the best view yet of the lunar surface as seen by a Chinese spacecraft, according to state officials.

The new moon map is made up of many high-resolution photos snapped by China's second lunar probe — the Chang'e 2 orbiter — and stitched together into complete view. China's State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense revealed the moon map during a ceremony on Monday (Feb. 6), and the country's Ministry of National Defense posted the photos on the Web.

Liu Dongkui, deputy chief commander of China's lunar probe project, reportedly said the Chang'e 2 lunar map is the highest-resolution view of the moon ever recorded, according to a Xinhua news agency report.

While other spacecraft, such as NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, have taken better photos of certain portions of the moon, the Chang'e 2 map is the most detailed view of the entire lunar surface, he added.

 [Photos from China's new moon map]

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