Video:Is Russia concealing mammoth mystery?

An American UFO hunter and expert in paranormal activity has released footage showing what he claims is a woolly mammoth crossing a Siberian river.
Although the video has led some viewers to believe that mammoths still exist, most skeptics fail to see the large, prehistoric, tusked animal in the blurry footage. They see only a bear carrying a salmon.
Michael Cohen says the Russian government wants to keep the mammoths hidden from the world, so that their plans for Siberian development will not be disrupted by eco-activists.
The paranormal enthusiast shot the footage during his visit to Chukotka Region to survey the land for a planned road.
The debate continues as to whether this mammal is a mammoth or just a mammoth hoax.
Cohen also claims to have recorded footage of UFOs flying over the White House and over Bolotnaya Square during the December protests in Russia.


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