Picture shows clear evidence of rock 'n' roll on the moon

The moon may be more or less dead on the inside, but that's not stopping some serious old-school rock 'n' roll from happening on its surface.
This track was left by a rock nearly 30 feet across after rolling hundreds of yards down from the central peak of an impact crater on the moon. As far as the moon is concerned, this is a pretty big deal: without an atmosphere or much in the way of active geology, the lunar surface doesn't get a lot of action aside from the occasional astronaut or impact.
Shock from an impact is likely what caused this rock to get rollin' in the first place, but it's definitely a classic, not any of that newfangled stuff that you kids are into these days: analysis of the cratering in the image suggests that this rock got its move on between 50 and 100 million years ago.
LRO, via Neatorama


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