Satellite photo shows giant crack in the Antarctic ice

A newly released satellite photo gives us a fresh look at a massive 19-mile long crack in Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier, which was first spotted in October of last year. The picture was initially taken by NASA on Nov. 13, 2011.
The fissure in the ice was 19 miles long, 260 feet wide and 195 feet deep when it was first discovered by NASA scientists.
Scientists expect an iceberg a bit larger than New York City will eventually separate off from the glacier, The Washington Post reported in November.
Though scientists are concerned that ice shelves are thinning at an accelerated pace due to global warming, this crack in the Pine Island Glacier appears to be part of the natural process of iceberg formation.
"It's part of a natural cycle, but it's still very interesting and impressive to see up close," NASA scientist Michael Studinger said in an October statement.


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