UFOs:Government by Deception, Lack of Human Control over our own planetEarth

My fellow human beings, many of us have asked, what do all these reports of UFO sightings mean? What does it mean when we, as humans beings, make reports of unidentifiable aerial phenomenon, and government officials provide no apparent credible explanation? What does it mean when government provides absolutely no explanation to such phenomenon.

What does it mean when an explanation is offered, it is one that we, as humans, can easily dismiss as implausible. These include such explanations as “weather balloons”. What does it mean when our fellow human beings make sightings which report intelligent alien entities, while government that denies that humans have any awareness of alien activities on Earth?

What does it mean when human beings including ex-government officials [ie. Please see video above of testimony regarding reported underground alien activity] report encounters with alien activities, while government continues to deny humans as having any awareness of alien activities on Earth.

What does it also mean when fellow human beings present verifiable physical evidence of often traumatic alien abductions, alongside government denials? What does it mean when such activities take place in America which is supposedly the “greatest democracy” on Earth, and in other “democracies“?

It is apparent that as humans beings, whether we are in “democracies” or not, that we are being confronted with “government by deception”. There has been much controversy over the nature and origin of a plethora or apparent intelligently-guided aerial phenomenon. What proportion of these phenomenon are alien in origin; or the result of secretive military constructions; or are military holographic creations designed for the purpose of alleged psychological warfare to spread fear for a future planned false flag operation? If some or all UFOs are military craft, what is the purpose of their creation?

These are all interesting questions. However, arguably the more salient question is why have UFOs and reported alien encounters and abductions been apparently shrouded in deception? And, if questions regarding UFOs and aliens are shrouded in so much deception, how can we, as humans regard the official accounts of 9/11 and the War on Terror which it spawned as being “nothing but the truth“?

What if deception on UFOs and reported alien contacts by eyewitnesses are merely symptomatic of the systematized nature of the deception which has overtaken government? What if the independent investigators which include academics who suggest that 9/11 was also the product of deception were right? What would that say about Western Civilization and its relation to humanity in general?

Perhaps we should begin to pay less attention to daily UFO sightings and reported alien encounters, and more attention to “the deceivers”. Based upon ancient Pagan Gnostic insights, the deceivers may very well be revealed in John Carpenter’s “They Live” (1988) [video above]. The entities which are referred to in John Carpenter’s “They Live” were referred to as “archons” by ancient Pagan Gnostics [please see met history.org]. Ancient Pagan Gnostic describe archons as parasitic alien entities which operate both in human vessels and what David Icke refers to as “robotoids” -- humans who have been subjected to alien mind control, and help to provide the charismatic face of lower dimensional archon manipulation.

The Pagan Gnostic reference to ‘archons’ illuminates the UFO and alien issue by providing a motivational context for apparent deception. According to Dr. Michael Salla, the archons have been “hiding truth in plain sight” in such science fiction TV series as the remake of “V”, which was cancelled, and shrouded in its own controversy. Arguably, the key quote in the ABC-TV “V” remake trailer [the second video below] was made by a character’s declaration:

“The Visitors [Archons/Manipulative Aliens] didn’t just get here… they have been here for years]. Once embedded among us, they set out to create worldwide instability. They have been implementing a plan that will result in the extermination of every man, woman and child on the face of this Earth.”

If this quote is “hiding truth in plain sight”, is it possible that the very deceivers of humanity are “V-like” aliens? Could aliens also explain such areas as the systematized environmental destruction of our planet, as is suggested in the “They Live” video clip?

As humans, we may need to consider further the representations of David Icke and other investigative researcher that the lack of human sovereignty over our planet which is symptomatic of UFO and alien encounters, demonstrates the presence of alien control over our planet Earth.

It is therefore possible, that a general alien agenda shrouded in deception and propaganda is dictating the course of our planet Earth?

Are aliens the real face of the “terrorist” masterminds on Earth through a Military-Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex described by Dr. Michael Salla?

As John F. Kennedy once alluded to in a powerful speech [second video below] on “secret societies”, there is no room for secrecy in matters regarding basic human security and sovereignty over public spaces. As humans, this is our planet, and we are the guardians entrusted with the protection of our planet, that is also based upon the insights and affirmations of indigenous peoples.

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