'Huge' mysterious lights seen in sky at Comrie UK

The source of a pair of bright lights over a Perthshire community on Sunday night remains an enigma.

A Comrie stargazer spotted the ''huge'' orbs floating above Strathearn at 10pm before they disappeared ''very fast''.
The RAF at Leuchars was unable to shed any light on the sighting, deepening the intriguing mystery further.
Ken Heiser contacted The Courier after attempts to explain what can now only be described, in the truest sense, as an unidentified flying object came to nothing.
Even a search on an app detailing the commercial flights scheduled to cross the airspace above western Perthshire gave no answers.
Mr Heiser said he saw the UFO ''in the vicinity of Comrie'' on Sunday between 10pm and 10.10pm.
''(I) looked on my app which has all commercial flights across the country and there were no flights in the area,'' he said. ''The two very bright lights at first seemed to just hover in the north-east then came to the east of Comrie and then hovered and then disappeared very fast. Looking through the binoculars they appeared to be huge.''
Unfortunately he was unable to capture footage of the strange occurrence before it was over.
A spokesman for RAF Leuchars confirmed: ''I've spoken to our air traffic control and they have got nothing about that, so we've drawn a blank there I'm afraid.''
The strange incident came just a day after Scots were sent into a state of near frenzy by a meteor which blazed a fiery trail across the night sky.
A ''huge fireball'' was reported travelling from northern Scotland to southern England at about 9.40pm, amid fears a plane had crashed.
But an aircraft-related incident was quickly dismissed and the Met Office tweeted: ''Hi All, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite.''
The website UK UFO Sightings details 20 ''sightings'' above Perthshire in the last four years including, interestingly, several above Strathearn and all featuring bright lights, either hovering or moving at speed.  http://www.thecourier.co.uk/

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