Asteroid 2002 AM31 to pass the Earth.23 july sunday night; watch time lapse video

Sunday night, a large asteroid will pass closely by the Earth; telescopes strategically placed inArizona and in the Canary Islands will record the asteroid passing and viewers can watch the progress online. The asteroid is roughly the size of a city block and it will come within 3.2 million miles of the Earth. There isn’t a chance that the asteroid will hit the Earth.
The news has created an Internet buzz Sunday night. The asteroid has been named 2002 AM31 and the viewing can be seen on theSlooh space camera website. The first viewing is scheduled from the Canary Islands at 4:30 pm, and the second is scheduled from Arizona at 8 pm Pacific Time.
Astronomers researched and estimate that 95% of the asteroids in the universe have been found, but they believe less than 30 percent of the smaller ones have been identified. Some of the smaller asteroids could still do significant damage if they hit the Earth.
To go to the website that will offer the viewing of the asteroidclick here.

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