July 2012 Crop Circle Photos From the UK

July has been a bumper month for crop circles with at least 10 formations recorded so far in England.
Three different mystical designs materialized overnight in two separate counties on July 1, followed by another four within the next two weeks.
The patterns range from geometrical shapes like a cube and a tetrahedron to metaphorical ones, such as the current astronomy of Venus.
As usual, most of the crop circles are situated in the county of Wiltshire.
Last month, the county experienced several notable formations, including one that resembled the transit of Venus, and another that was likened to Westminster Abbey.
Earlier this year, closer to London, five interlocking rings were spotted in Richmond Park beneath the flight path to Heathrow Airport. But they turned out to be a publicity stunt organized for the upcoming Olympics.
A similar formation appeared in Somerset last month after a farmer purposely planted a crop of blue linseed following this pattern in March.


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