Yahoo reveals that around half a million email accounts are hacked.

"I've been hacked!"

SAVANNAH, GA- A gigantic mess for Yahoo reveals that around half a million email accounts are hacked. The company said in a statement that an "old file" from the Yahoo contributor network was compromised. We sat down with one of the victims, Maria Boiza of Savannah, who says the cyber criminal did more than just invade her privacy.

It all began when Maria Boiza got a call from a friend asking her if she needed help and money. An email was sent from Boiza’s MSN account which stated that she was in immediate trouble.

“When I went to check the email that everyone supposedly got, I couldn't get in,” says Boiza.

The email, which was sent to all of Maria's contacts, stated that she was paying to get to her family, that she lost her wallet and that she needed money right away. After realizing that she'd been hacked, Maria panicked. All of her personal information was now revealed.

“I have passwords to my accounts numbers, my bank account, my credit cards, my work, so it was more than just an email account,” says Boiza.

The simple fix would normally be to change the password to her email account through the secret question process, but the cyber criminals were one step ahead of her.

“The questions that you have to have in order to get in were already changed too,” confirms Boiza.

In Maria’s case, even something as simple as getting into her personal phone is a hassle. She is still unable to send or receive updates or anything else because everything that was in her phone was attached to the hacked email account.

“I did call the police but they told me that this is something that happens to people every day.”

Boiza had to cancel several credit cards and change her insurance card numbers and cancel bank cards. Now four months since being hacked, Maria says her life is still on hold.

“You just never know how much your life is attached to an email.”

Maria says she plans to return to the old method of securing her personal contacts and information, by way of letter mail and the old pen and paper.

Meanwhile, Yahoo said it is fixing the vulnerability that led to the disclosure, changing the passwords of affected Yahoo users, and notifying other companies whose users' accounts may have been compromised.


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