Large Spheres UFO captured over Sydney Australia.27./08.2012.

some of video comments:
what if orbs are just dead people that would blow my mind. not aliens but human spirits. 
Tonystarkes888 1 month ago
Thank you to watch my video and your comment. I am UFO and Paranormal researcher. I known what the human spirit is and how the Spheres UFO looks like. This one was captured daytime, and I R 760, and I R 850 Infra red Digital filter fitted camera.
colourufo in reply to Tonystarkes888 1 month ago
I didn't say Alien, just U F O. Maybe after 21., of December The UFO name will disappearing and no more Disclosure!
colourufo in reply to Tonystarkes888 1 month ago
what part of sydney?
5455jm 1 month ago
I filmed from Sydney,Suburb Minto N S W. And this object was over the Holsworthy Army camp, and disappeared near Liverpool.
colourufo in reply to 5455jm 1 month ago
they are all over the place my friend and yet the heads of state still lie to us all.thanx for your vid excellent
suesill1 2 months ago 2  
They did lie, but not to long!Thank you to watch my video.
colourufo in reply to suesill1 2 months ago
Top Comments
You really should change the title of your video to "Multiple UFO's over Sydney" I counted a total of 12 UFO'S. Besides the obvious one you're recording, there are others at :37, :44, 1:56, 2:18, 2:41, 3:00, 3:23, 4:12, 4:22, 4:36 and 4:53. Plus, I thought I saw at least 3 others but I'm not completely sure. Please go back and look at the times I've listed and look's absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so much for uploading this footage. Soon, they won't be able to deny it any longer.
sexybisquit 1 month ago 4  
Same with me, I think 1000nm is a bit much? I don't have a night shot camcorder at the moment just dedicated NV equipment, but when I do I am moving below 1000nm, I have a 720 so perhaps 850 next.
Skynepsis in reply to WroclawNOL (Show the comment) 2 months ago 

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