Newly-discovered C/2012 S1 comet ignites more apocalyptic 'Niburu' concerns

Provided it doesn't disintegrate like Comet Elenin — last year's comet that had End Times enthusiasts speculating on the Earth's demise and the return of Jesus Christ — a newly discovered comet called C/2012 S1 may prove to be the brightest comet viewable from Earth in the past century. Like Elenin, the comet's discovery is inciting doomsday talk.

The comet, which was spotted by Russian astronomers, will swing by Mars on October 1, 2013, and then the Earth on December 26, 2013. C/2012 S1 could be visible for up to three months and, according to, brighter than the full moon.

The conspiracy website, GodLikeProductions, is buzzing with the news. "Don't down play this shills. This is going to be the brightest comet IN HUMAN HISTORY! BRIGHTER THAN THE MOON!!!! I always heard when Nibiru gets close they will say its a super bright comet coming! THIS IS IT FOLKS, NIBIRU IS REAL AND COMING. GET YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON AND PREPARE. Food, water, shelter, firearms, ammo, the works," declared a forum poster.

Niburu — or Planet X — is a great big huge planetary object that is allegedly supposed to approach Earth and create apocalyptic havoc. Back when doomsdayers were preaching that Comet Elenin would bring about the apocalypse, NASA was so besieged by emails that its Lunar Science Institute published a video debunking the Elenin and Niburu claims.

Indiana Pastor Paul Begley has jumped in with commentary, joking whether the comet could be Niburu. But although he does not think it is Niburu, he sees divine meaning in the comet. "The only thing that could be brighter, folks, than this comet could be Jesus Christ himself! Because when he comes back, the Bible says, there will be no need anymore for the sun."

Begley says that in his fiction book, Mark of the Beast RFID, he wrote of a coming asteroid that brought great fear upon the Earth. "This is the fifth thing that has come true after the book was written. This is kind of blowing my mind," he said.

"Are you saved?" he asks. "Now we know that this comet, it's 615 million miles away, is on its way. We don't know exactly the day or the hour but we're going to be able to see it sometime in late 2013, approximately a year from now, and we may be able to watch it every evening into the early spring of 2014. That's if we live. That's if time lasts that long. It's just something to think about." Citing Luke 21:25, he added, "God's great universe — He put things in motion, spectacular signs in the sun and in the moon and in the stars … It's amazing Biblical prophecies unfolding before our very eyes, which means something Biblical is going on with the signs of the Second Coming of Christ."

Begley warns that "we're living in perilous times" and that people need to get saved by giving their lives to Jesus Christ. He says that as a result of his online ministry, he's received 971 salvation requests so far this year.

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