1km UFO Seen Leaving Volcano In Mexico Caught On Live Cam, Nov 15, 2012

After several days the famous long white UFO emerged from the mouth of the volcano in Mexico. People have been watching the live cam a lot, so much so that often its hard to log onto it due to its recent publicity. I notice the UFO looks likes its flying at an incredible speed…probably from an almost standing still position within the crater. It's like a ferrari going from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds except the Ferrari would win hands down. You see, the cam actually takes a new image every 5-10 seconds. The five different photos of the object can thus be multiplied and we get 25-50 seconds. The interesting thing about the cam images is that the UFO is 150-200 meters across and almost 1km long! Thats something the news often leaves out, but was posted on Spanish web sites based on the length of the mouth of the volcano. SCW


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