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The Canadian National Newspaper reported on Nov. 26, 2012, how a resident of Vancouver, British Columbia submitted their sighting of “a green fireball in the sky” to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). In their written statement, the witness described the object’s “comet-like [meteor-like] movement” including a trail that appeared to follow the “green ball of light.”

Was it simply a meteor or did this witness experience contact with something more profound?
According to the written statement, this was not their first encounter with lights in the sky. The report went on to describe how the Vancouver fireball moved “in a specific flight path or trajectory” similar to the witness’s “close encounter sighting over [a] house in Mississauga, [Ontario]” from 2002.
Local Fireballs
Local investigative not-for-profit society UFO*BC has documented substantial witness testimonies related to fireball UFO phenomena as well.
In one report from early 2011, a witness described seeing a moving object that appeared to be on fire emitting an amber-colored flame. While under observation, the object stopped and remained stationary at an altitude estimated by the witness to be higher than what a helicopter would be capable of maintaining.
How high does a helicopter fly? The Sikorsky S76A helicopter flown by local service provider HeliJet is reportedly rated for an operational service ceiling of 13,800 feet.
This is just one of the top UFO news stories covered on this morning’s UFOAM. More select highlights from UFO*BC’s most recently published reports appear later in this article.

Click here to watch UFOAM: Today’s Top UFO News for Nov. 27, 2012, featuring Vancouver UFOs and a study attempting to detect further unconscious secrets encrypted backwards in the testimony of a CE-5 witness from Alabama.
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CE-5 Telepathy
The term Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) is used by UFO researchers to describe instances of cooperative communications between humans and extraterrestrial intelligences.
The following highlight from UFO*BC’s most recently published UFO sightings parallels testimony from an Alabama CE-5 incident explored in recent editions of UFOAM.
“I was walking my two dogs at night on my usual path down a dark road near Goldstream campground on Aug. 13, 2012. As I looked into the night sky as I usually do, I witnessed a number of meteorites as it was the tail end of the meteorite shower. But then I noticed a bright, light orange orb, that [sic] at first looked like maybe a plane. It came from the Sooke/Leechtown area (northwest) and was travelling east towards Mt. Finlayson. There was no sound, and just as I questioned the fact that it could be a ufo [sic], it stopped dead in its tracks!! My hair stood up on my back and my eyes started watering, as they are right now!!! it [sic] almost seemed like it was listening to my thoughts??[emphasis added]”
Previous reports from the Vancouver UFO Examiner have shown more evidence for telepathic communications between ETi and contactees. One such report notes how “claims by contactees submitting date and time stamped written testimony of UFO dreams before videotaping these incidents the following day invoke the role of precognition in human experience as a probable mechanism of non-physical human contact with extraterrestrials.”
Videographer Les Murzsa recorded a fleet of objects including 18 mysterious spheres of light in HD video as it crossed the skies near City Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia on Sunday, July 24, 2011. In an email from earlier that day, Mr. Murzsa cited precognitive dreams from the night before instructing him to assemble his cameras and remain on alert throughout that afternoon.
Precognitive Dream
Click here to watch UFO fleet near Vancouver City Hall sensed in precognitive dream: “A fleet of objects including 18 mysterious spheres of light was captured using both still photography and video as it crossed the skies near City Hall in Vancouver, BC on Sunday, July 24, 2011. In an email from earlier that day, local Canadian videographer Les Murzsa cited precognitive dreams from the night before that prompted him to assemble his cameras and remain on alert throughout the afternoon. Taping of the first incident commenced at 6:16pm PST and by 6:26pm PST, Mr. Murzsa called the offices of the Vancouver UFO Examiner to leave a voicemail explaining how he had just filmed the biggest sighting of his life. This reporter was on the scene within hours, collecting evidence and producing additional night vision video demonstrating how a group of UFO's was active in the area up until nearly six hours after the original incident.”
Highlights from UFO*BC
Report 1: “I saw an unusual object and light or possibly lights in the sky on Monday October 1st, 2012, in the North to North East part of sky and viewed from New Westminster B.C near 6th Street and Royal Avenue.
“This rather large object that appeared to have possibly several usually white lights circling or encompasing [sic] and accompanying this object at the same time. The light seemed to spin around this dark object rapidly. The object seemed almost like a sillouette [sic] in the night sky and if I had to guess the shape I would say more closer [sic] in shape to a triangle than a circle or oval. This object (or objects) were [sic] miles from New Westminster upwards in the night sky but it caught my eye. Of course, it's hard to discribe [sic] something that you cannot gauge against something else that you have never seen before, but the movement of this object put me in absolute awe. Nothing I've ever seen before moved with such agility as this object displayed tonight.”
“The object simply slid into view very quicky [sic]; at first I thought Walmart [sic] must have been having a midnight sale with the light that caught my attention this object didn't appear to have flown across the sky it just sort of arrived literally sliding into view. The white light or lights encompassing this object spin rapidly around it while I viewed it. As it flew, it performed (a sliding movement & motion) slight dips bumps jolts leftward then slide right and zoomed away as quickly. It certainly didn't move in a straight line that's for sure. When it took a turn or slide right it headed off towards possibly North Burnaby or Ioco region of the Lower Mainland.”
Report 2: “On September 19, 2012, I was sitting out on the back porch at 9:05 PM, looking at Grouse Mountain, when a single brilliant white light appeared overhead, heading north. It was flying at approximately 3000 feet, at about 50-60 kph. No strobes were seen. The strange thing is: the moment my eyes began to study the object, it accelerated to bullet speed, and shot off over the mountain, disappearing in the blink of an eye. It almost looked as if it shrunk to a pinpoint in place, as it sped off in a straight line perpendicular to my field of vision. Then there was a very brief flash of white light, far off behind Grouse Mountain. Amazing and beautiful.”
Report 3: “I was out my front door April 13, 2012, looking south when I saw this object moving silently west to east at a very consistent speed. I live in Coquitlam just above the Lougheed Highway overlooking the construction of the new Port Mann bridge [sic]. I could see it was metallic with two domelike shapes on top, a rectangular body with something protruding from the rear. If I had to estimate I would say it was roughly the size of a car and moving at approximately 100km/h based on the cars traveling on the 1 Highway below. I watched it until I could no longer see it because of trees. This picture unfortunately doesn't do it justice. This has been on my mind ever since and would be very interested to know what this object was."


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