Scientists in Uruguay combined the DNA of a jellyfish with sheep DNA to create the world’s first glow in the dark sheep. The animals were born in Montevideo back in October and the announcement made yesterday The sheep glow when ultra violet light hits them.

Fluorescent gel, extracted from glowing jellyfish, was implanted in the sheep’s DNA.

“Never before have sheep been genetically modified in Latin-America,” one scientist said. “The success puts Uruguay at the highest level in the scientific world.”

The sheep were born last year October. From the outside they look and act like ordinary sheep. Their only difference is that they glow when being covered with ultra violet light.The scientists says their genetic modification had no real specific purpose other than studying the effect of the method used to introduce foreign genes into the DNA of animals.Prior to this modification, cow genes were modified in Argentina and in Brazil the genes of goats were altered. Both genetic modification ‘created’ animals that produce human proteins.

The Pasteur Institute and Uruguayan scientists produced the sheep.


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