Mysterious Spiral Marks Found in Kalahari Desert ?

Is this the lost city of the Kalahari?

Wind erosion has lead to an incredible discovery through google maps.

Comparable to the Nasca Lines in size, and even more impressive in intricacy, a potential massive lost city or site has been revealed in an area of the “verneukpan” an inhospitable area of salt flats in southern Africa .

For over a year now, a young determined Dutchman has been using Google earth to map the world’s ancient sites, very much a crowd-sourced project, with over 900 place markers so far of sites that are known about and links to Wikipedia articles about them.

Archeomaps is the brainchild of Jaimy Visser, who posted this image yesterday on his facebook page after Shaun Kirwen brought it to his attention.

Jaimy had found that in his research he was finding many unexplained circular structures around the globe and started project “Esthar” to try and map these as well, in the process he has found huge areas of desert with evidence of similar ancient civilizations around the globe though none quite as striking as these which bear resemblance to carvings at Knowth , Newgrange, Malta and various other prehistorical sites.

The complex in the image is over five square miles, with less striking patterns spread over around twenty square miles at least.

Jaimy Visser had this to say about the discovery;

I’ve found hundreds of circular ruins worldwide while working on my Esthar Project, but usually in terrains that we wouldn’t even be thinking of settling in nowadays. These spirals are incredibly large, and since it’s been an important symbol for so many cultures throughout history, I don’t think we should rule out the possibility they’re old – very old.

Within hours of the posting the image has reached as far as Michael Tellinger the renowned ancient investigator, who could barely contain his excitement;

“Well done guys – this is a huge new step and an exciting page in the Vanished Civilisations of southern Africa – this is one of the most exiting discoveries since the Nazca Lines. I will dive right into this and its connections to the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar. You may have found the evidence of the Lost City of the Kalahari”

We eagerly await some confirmation from the ground of what these formations are, there are no records on the internet about these that we can find. apparently they were not visible on google earth in 2006, so either they are man made. very recently , or revealed by erosion and very very ancient. The spirals resemble markings on the most ancient human sites around the globe. When did our ancient history become so exciting ?

GO Look for yourself.. copy these co-ordinates into google maps, and see if you can find an explanation -30° 0′ 21.64″, +21° 6′ 21.69″



  1. Weren't these found out to be irrigation ditches from modern-day farmers? They make the spirals with the hope that when it does rain it traps some of the water allowing for plants to grow. Saw it on "What on Earth" show

  2. These spirals had been identified as irrigation ditches made by local farmers.

  3. These spirals had been positively identified and proven to be irrigation ditches made by local farmers.


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