Edward Snowden Reveals Solar-Flare "Killshot" Will Kill Millions

Edward Snowden has been a name in the news a lot lately. He has done it again and revealed some pretty dramatic stuff.

He is claiming that a group in the CIA on the project Stargate have known for 14 years that a series of solar flares will occur in September of 2013. 

Stargate is the project that runs the "remote viewing" team. Remote viewers for lack of a better description, use psychic powers to "tap" into the future. 

These solar flares are supposed to kill hundreds of millions of people. Snowden has said that a worldwide famine will ensue after the flares. Governments around the world have been trying to prepare for this event secretly.

These flares are called the Killshot by the various secret organizations within the global government community. 

This so called Killshot will cause all electricity to cease, impairing water and food delivery.

This information came to Snowden and then was released through hundreds of testimonials of the remote viewers totaling over 4000 pages completely supporting Snowden's claim.

I do know this from living here in Alaska, that the sun has 11 year cycles. This year, in 2013, the solar cycle is supposed to peak. As a result of solar flares, in Winter, we can see the Northern Lights. Five years ago when I first moved here you never saw the Northern Lights directly overhead here in Anchorage. We were too far South. This past Fall and Spring I have seen them on several occasions directly overhead here in Anchorage. 

Are you ready??


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