Blood Moon:Total Lunar Eclipse 2014: Watch Live; NASA and Sloohbroadcast

Tonight, the 2014 "Blood Moon," also known as a total lunar eclipse will occur just after midnight, and now observers can watch the live stream online.

Sadly, cloudy skies with rain showers is expected Monday evening into Tuesday, so the live stream is especially useful if you still want to catch the Blood Moon.

You can watch a YouTube Blood Moon live stream thanks to Slooh below:The Blood Moon phenomenon occurs when the moon is shaded by the Earth, giving its eerie hue. For this to happen at just the right angle, a complete lunar eclipse only happens once or twice a year, according to WCPO.

In addition, NASA will be hosting an online event for the Blood Moon as well, and they will provide a live stream.
Be sure to check out the 2014 Blood Moon live stream tonight!

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