Four Blood Moon:The Ukraine-Russia Crisis Could be Leading Us Into WW3

As Russia continues to send troops to Crimea, the whole world seems to be holding it's breath, watching and waiting on what to do next. It seems like the US and other nations have given continual warnings to Russia with no avail. So what are we to expect in the days, weeks and months ahead?

The outlook on the world doesn't look good. First of all, the trouble in the Ukraine started when the people began protesting over having a Russian as their leader. This is clearly telling that many people in the Ukraine do not want Russia's involvement in the affairs of their country. And although areas like Crimea are made up of people with Russian Heritage, the people began protesting in the streets rioting and starting fires, some for and some against Russia, resulting in a civil war. At that point, the Russian leader of the Ukraine, called on Putin to end the violence beginning to erupt, as he was losing control. The protest was threatening to oust the current leader of the Ukraine and to remove Russia's influence over the region.

The reason the world has stood by and watched Russia take over Crimea is because of the words spoken by Putin himself. He claims that Russia has the right to protect it's citizens if there is violence. And he says that the people have decided that they want the Ukraine to once again become a part of Russia. And to drive this point home, Russia chose to let the people vote to decide if they want Russia to become a part of the Ukraine. But what if they vote against Russia?

However the vote turns out, John Kerry and the international community will not recognize this vote as they say it is against international laws. But the US and other nations are hoping that if the people do vote against Russia being there, then Russia will have to leave, possibly with force which can be done once the people make their voice known. There is that small chance that Russia would honor the voting process if it would not go in their favor, but there is an even bigger chance that Russia will make the vote go in their favor, using unfair voting practices. Russia does not have a history of just backing down and walking away. So on Monday after the votes are counted, sanctions will go into effect for Russia.

The situation is escalating however, as another area north of Crimea in the Ukraine known as Donetsk, is now reportedly breaking out in violent protests. Following what Russia had said that they have the right to protect their citizens if violent protests should break out, it looks as though this area will be next for Russian intervention.

But this is not OK for the rest of the world. Russia has been warned to not go any further and to pull back their troops. If the sanctions don't work, then military intervention from foreign nations may be needed to stop Russia. This could turn into a very intense war as Russia's allies are all set and ready to come to Russia's aid at any moment.

Russia's allies are made up of the many Muslim nations in the middle east including Iran. Iran has already made additional threats since this whole situation started with the Ukraine, but their target Is Israel. They want to get back at the Western world, and the only way they can do that is to attack the ally of the US and Great Britain.

In fact, just in the past week, an Iranian ship bound for Gaza was intercepted by the Israeli military. It was carrying over 50 rockets that were to be aimed at Israel. Even though this arsenal was stopped, rockets continue to be fired at Israel from Gaza supplied by Iran.

Russia says if sanctions are put on them, they will give payback to the West. The European nations are in fear of retaliation, as Russia supplies the natural gas going to Europe. Russia is also one of the largest exporters of oil. So cutting off or diminishing any one of these supplies will cause a world wide shortage, putting many financial markets around the world into a free fall. Russia can also cause other nations who are allies to Russia to stop exporting their oil to cause further shortages.

Russia and China have been teaming up as well. China reportedly has agreed to help Russia with the Ukraine crisis. There has even been reports that Russia and China are talking about dropping the US dollar for another form of currency for trade. China and Russia are the two countries that hold most of our dollars. So If they both decide to stop using the US dollar at the same time, that alone could cause the US financial market to go into a collapse. This crisis in the Ukraine has the potential to turn into a full blown regional war if not a world war, as Russia is reluctant to back down and nations are already taking sides. As a result, we could soon see economic collapses around the world. The Ukraine crisis itself has been causing US market instability within the past week and oil prices are continuing to rise. The Dow closing at a negative 42 points on Friday. Gas prices at the pump reaching $3.73 per gallon.

The Bible says that during the tribulation hour, there will be famine, economic collapse, war and death. This happens when the four horses ride in the book of Revelation. All of these things could very well happen with this crisis in the Ukraine. That's how close it all it.

And if you need more proof of what is to come, there are signs in the sky. The four blood moons that are coming that will only appear on the feast days of Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. This event of 4 blood moons in a row on certain feast days is so rare, that it has only happened four times since the birth of Jesus. Each time in the event of these moons, there was a war involving Israel. So many Biblical scholars believe that this occurrence will not be any different.

The first blood moon is to appear this Passover on April 15th, 2014. And it appears to be right on time with the trouble that is starting in the Ukraine. The only thing that will save the world from another world war, it seems is an agreement, a peace agreement to be made with all nations.

We know the end is near and that Jesus is coming. Ask Him into your heart and get ready for Jesus today. You don't want to be left behind to see all the violence, bloodshed and death for those who are left behind. So get your heart right with Jesus now while there is still time, before it is too late!

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