Video:Nuclear Explosion or Volcano Huge Mushroom Cloud Off Kume jima island,Near Okinawa,Japan 久米島沖で爆発音と大きなキノコ雲


MAY 21st,Around 10:30 am: near Kumejima island Okinawa,Japan

there was a report of “black smoke is seen off the coast of northern Kumejima Island, there was a sound of explosion,” the man from the town of Kumejima. According to witness , explosion of “Dawn” is heard twice, to the sea to the north of the city, saw the “big black smoke. 

Some says That’s not a mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion. Possibly explosion caused by Underwater volcano,

Japanese government investigation underway..but not yet any official explanation.

“See mushroom cloud explosion in Kume Island off the coast
21, am, was seen off the coast of the North Island with a big explosion sound goes up like mushroom clouds of smoke. According to our man witnessed near the north shore of Kume Island, is that from the island of mushroom clouds in the North Coast, smoke was rising high after today 10:30, loud ‘Dong’ and shook the ground. Off the approximately 28 km north of the island of Torishima bombs of the United States Army Park is men ‘ live in Kume Island for many years, but so’s for the first time saw the big plume “and talks. In Tonaki Island located in the North-East direction of Kume Island Office has received information from residents, Okinawa Defense Bureau has ‘not received information and doing special training from the American military, can not be confirmed”.


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  1. it looks a little small to be a nuclear bomb unless its a little nuclear bomb


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