Video:Fighter jet crashes in California suburb Imperial

Fighter jet crash in Imperial, California. (Courtesy: Daniel Urias/Twitter) 
Photo: Twitter

A military jet has crashed in California, bursting into flames in a suburban street. 
The plane crashed in Imperial, about 140 kilometres east of San Diego in Southern California, setting fire to at least one home.
Lance Corporal Christopher Johns, a Marine spokesman, says the jet was a Harrier from Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, AP reported. 
The pilot ejected from the jet prior to impact and was taken to hospital for evaluation, NBC reported. 
It is not yet known if any civilians were injured in the crash. 
Another US military aircraft was in a near-miss late last month, it has emerged. 
A Russian fighter jet flew within 30 metres of the nose of a US military spy plane on April 23 north of Japan, triggering private US protests to Moscow, the Pentagon revealed this week.
The incident occurs as East-West tensions soar over the crisis in the Ukraine.
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