'Mystery sea monster' eats 9-foot great white shark Near Australia (+pla...

Mystery monster eats 3m long great white shark whole

You’re going to need a bigger shark.

Scientists suspect that a 3m long great white shark was eaten whole by a mystery monster.

The shark had been tagged with a heat and GPS recording device that told scientists of the female shark’s steep ocean descent and of the sudden dramatic rise in temperature of the sea dweller.

The sharked reacted well to the tagging and was observed to be very healthy without any scars or marks on her.

Shark Alpha, as the beast was named, nearly reached 2000ft (609m) before her body temperature zoomed from just over 40 degrees to 78 degrees.

Marine biologists have stated that such a temperature rise can only be due to the huge predator being eaten by a bigger beast.

(Picture: YouTube/Smithsonian Channel)
This graphic is based on data retrieved from the device tagged to Shark Alpha (Picture:YouTube/Smithsonian Channel)

While killer whales have been known to attack and kill great white sharks, what sort of sea creature could ingest a whole shark?

Any ideas?



  1. A big shark (or something) could have just bitten off a chunk of the shark that contained the device. I have seen pictures of sharks that have been canibalized this way with a huge chunk bitten out of it.


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