Yamal Crater Siberia:World's 'biggest sinkhole' baffles scientists sparking rumourof...

Methane explosion? Meteorite crater? Scientists baffled by gigantic 262ft hole that has appeared at Siberia's 'End of The World'

  • Enormous crater appears suddenly in part of Russia whose name translates as 'the end of the world'
  • Teams of scientists are rushing east to fathom the cause of this unusual - and rare - geographical occurrence
  • One especially outlandish theory talks about a UFO landing as a possible cause of this colossal chasm in the earth
A mysterious 'gigantic' hole has appeared over a gas-rich area in Siberia labelled the 'end of the world', prompting speculation over its origin.

Helicopter passengers travelling over Yamal, a region known for its devastating events, spotted the crater that is believed to be up to 80 metres wide.

According to engineer Konstantin Nikolaev uploaded the video to YouTube that sparked an investigation into where it came from.

While some speculated with rumours of extraterrestrial involvement, secret entrances to a 'hollow-Earth' and weapon test sites.

“We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite,” said a spokesman for Russia’s Emergencies Ministry.

Scientist Anna Kurchatova, from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre, says the cause of the giant crater may be from global warming.

She says that a mixture of water, salt and gas may have sparked an underground explosion or that a gas pocket may have built up enough pressure to cause an explosion.

Experts from Russia's Centre for the Study of The Arctic and the Cryosphere Institute of the Academy of Sciences have been sent to sample the conditions to determine the nature of the crater.

"A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday,"


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  1. Wow this scary as sh*t. Hopefully this doesn't happen near my area https://vid.me/rYM


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