Magic releases new video and its mind blowing..

Magic Leap has done it again; releases new video

Magic Leap, recently released a video titled ‘Just another day in the office at Magic Leap’, that has some pretty big implications, and is hands down the most exciting thing we’ve seen in a while.

Magic Leap, which got people excited last year with its video of a floating elephant, has a new video that imagines a futuristic video game that incorporates real life surroundings.

The video starts off with what looks like a heads-up display depicting a typical workstation in an office setting, with various bits of information overlaid on the screen like the current time and battery life in the lower right corner, media control in the upper left corner.

Then the wearer/user’s hand interacts with several floating apps, pulling 3D icons inward, swiping through mails, pictures and the like as these objects float, spin and respond to gestures. The demo then quickly escalates in pace as a game is launched, where the ‘user’ picks up a model ray gun (courtesy Weta Digital’s Dr. Grordbort), after which all hell breaks loose. From robots crashing into the office space and storming the player as they careen towards him from all directions, to blasts from the weapon knocking out enemies and simulating damage on the walls of the actual office space, it’s all quite mindblowing.
First Published: Sunday, March 22, 2015, 16:02

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