Video Footage shows UFO in transport near Nevada's Area 51

Purported sighting of UFO near Nevada's Area 51

What appears to be a UFO or a facsimile thereof was transported in the night on a highway road purported to be close to Area 51, a YouTube video shows.
The video uploaded to YouTube March 21 shows several police vehicles escorting a semi with a large UFO-like craft on its trailer.
The footage appears to be shot by amateur UFO hunters at a gas station along Nevada State Route 375, also known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” due to the prevalence of UFO sightings reported along its path.
In the video, the UFO hunters record the procession of police vehicles, and after a few pass, the semi appears with its UFO-bearing trailer in tow. The footage appears to show a smooth, white, disc-shaped craft being taken not-so-discretely down the road.
Information about who recorded the video is currently unknown, but it’s been spreading across YouTube with some fervor on multiple accounts.
Though there are a sizable volume of UFO sightings in the area along Nevada State Route 375, the vast majority can be explained by the close proximity of Nellis Air Force Base, which has been regularly testing airborne military equipment and missiles since the 1950s.
There are a few inconsistencies in the video as well. For one, the purported UFO isn’t concealed by any tarps or covering. Second, take a look at the gas prices. One appears to show $4.15 per gallon and another $4.25. Unless those are paired with a cheap car wash, that’s pretty expensive considering gas has been averaging at below or near $3 per gallon for quite some time now. If those are gas prices on the side, this footage would have had to have been shot much earlier.

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  1. I'm sure they would have lit it up just for the cam.. Stoopid..


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